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Technology Summary

  - ASP, Visual Basic, VC++
  - MSAccess, SQL Server
  - Crystal Reports
  - C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net
  - Microsoft IIS, VPN
  - Microsoft Commerce Server(MSCS)
 Project Abstracts

Virtual project manager

Technology: VB, SQL Server, Crystal Reports

Features developed include: Maintaining all fixed assets, Calculating their depreciation with 12 different methods, Assets can be grouped to make it easier  for the management to evaluate the depreciation at a given point of time,  Maintaining details of all the members, Maintaining status of their shares in the
co-operative, Calculation of dividend, Allocation of apartment, Facilities of transferring shares from one member to other and Maintaining payment and withdrawal of money by different members

Back office support for treasury management system

Technology: VB, VC++, Sybase

Using VB, VC++ and Sybase technologies an application was developed to  receive and validate cash-flow information from multiple products processing  systems. A core application used the cash-flow information to arrive at a  projected closing position, which kept refreshing continuously for the treasury  users. The approach used for the project was to first carry out a BPR exercise,  which resulted in the Functional Specifications of the system. The functional  specifications were utilized to develop the core application offshore, interfaces  on-site. Integration Testing, Volume/Performance Testing was carried out on-site  prior to Pilot and Live Implementation.

Case Studies

Hospital management system (Visual Basic)

Tariff watch application (ASP, VB Script, SQL Server 6)

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