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Technology Summary

  - Domino, Quick Place, Every Place
  - Java, WebSphere 5.0, WPAI, Portlet Builder for Domino
  - PDA Domino Integration
  - Web Enablement of Domino Application
Project Abstracts

Product development management

Technology: Lotus Notes 4.5, PB 5.0 and Oracle 7.1, Windows 3.1

Prepared the Detail Design and specification for Bills of Material (BOM) and  Garment Style Description (SD) modules. Designed the database for these  modules. Developed , tested and maintained BOM and SD modules. Developed  integration with Autocad LT using OLE for maintaining designs of the  garments.Developed workflow using Lotus Notes and Powerbuilder. Developed  features like Multi language support and Field level security.

 Information management system

Technology: Lotus Notes Server 4.0, Lotus Notes Desktop Client 4.0

The Information System records all the small and big changes or improvements  that take place in different departments of an organization.

Case Studies

Customer needs analysis (Lotus Notes & Domino)

 Investment calculator to simulate different investment scenarios (Lotus       & Domino)

    School administration and intranet (Lotus Domino, Quick Place)

    Domino Web Sphere 5 Integration.

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