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ForeSite is the content management Solution framework from eComScience Consulting. We have accomplished a number of portal development projects using Open source content management systems and Proprietary content Management systems.

Our experience encompasses development of intranet for a technology company to development of portals for NGOs.

ForeSite constitutes the foundation of a solution that can be further built to meet your business needs. Itís features include:

Content Editing:
   » Web based content editing.
   » web based administration.
   » Separation of Content and layout management.
   » In place editing of pages.
   » Tree based content management.
   » WYSIWYG and other editor application whenever necessary.
   » Edit History.
   » Content Approval.
   » Access stats page with counter.
   » User customizable box.
   » Themes manager.
   » Friendly administration GUI with graphic topic manager.
   » Option to edit or delete stories/artcles.
   » Option to delete comments.
   » Moderation system.
   » Referrers page to know who links to us.
   » Sections manager.
   » User and authors edit.
   » Search engine.
   » Many themes to choose from.
   » Search engine.
   » File Manager.
   » Categorized articles.
   » Event calendar.
   » Forum patch.
   » Internal messaging.
   » Knowledge base.
   » Member manager.
   » Newsletter manager (supports HTML-Mail and attachments).
   » Photo gallery with category and folder function.
   » Security patch.
   » Upload to subfolders (with ability to create and drop directories).
   » Version manager.

   » Rapid deployment.
   » Template Base.
   » Search Engine.
   » Text formatters.
   » Surveys.

Multilingual Support:
   » Unicode Support.
   » Localization.

Access control and management:
   » Web based user management.
   » User Groups.
   » Multiple levels of access.
   » Single Sign-on with windows.
   » Message posting by users.
   » Chat facility.

   »  ASP development environment.
   » Web services support.
   »  XSL and XML .
   » NO DATABASE is required.


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