Solution Frameworks
The solution frameworks created thus far are as follows:


  »  HPRDM

  »  RuleModel

  »  ForeSite


Benefits offered by our solution frameworks:

»  Reduced development times
In most cases, our solution frameworks cover up to 80% of a customer's requirement in a specific target segment. This helps in reducing the time to market drastically.

»  Lower costs
Because of the reduced development times, you can expect a corresponding decrease on the costs incurred on building on our solution frameworks.

»  High quality solutions
Our solution frameworks include tried and tested components. We leverage our extensive industry and technology knowledge to provide you with solutions of the highest quality.

»  Business specific solutions
By building on our solution frameworks, we offer you an application that is tailored to your company's unique way of doing business. You will find it easier to adopt and can expect a faster return on your investment.


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