Solution Frameworks
The solution frameworks created thus far are as follows:


  »  HPRDM

  »  RuleModel

  »  ForeSite


Our solution frameworks combine the best of both worlds - the flexibility of a custom application and the speed of deployment of an 'out of the box' application. They consist of the following:

» Re-usable Code Repositories

    We have extensive experience in object-oriented programming, and have built a     vast repository of code which can be re-used in new applications.

» Knowledge

·  Industry knowledge
  Our experience and focus in specific industries has helped us understand the   critical issues facing organizations operating in these industries. We are thus in a   position to address them effectively when they are encountered again.

· Application knowledge
  Experience in building and working with business applications has given us a good   understanding industry specific requirements, user issues and desirable   functionalities.

· Technical knowledge
  Technical knowledge like environment capabilities and limitations, application   architecture etc.


Our in-house Research and Development team initiates the development of a particular solution framework. This is part of our commitment to offer our clients true business value through our software development services. Click here to know more about benefits you can expect by utilizing our solution frameworks.


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