Methodologies impose a disciplined process upon software development with the aim of making software development more predictable and more efficient.

While placing emphasis on planning we have also ensured that our methodologies are agile. We welcome change and our processes adapt and thrive on change to an extent that they change themselves.

Another important feature of our methodologies is their people orientation. Not only do they accommodate the developer's nature, it puts them in close contact with the business experts.

Regular reviews ensure make our methodologies self-adaptive with the consequence that many hybrid methodologies will arise, each optimized to the specific needs of a project.


Development Methodologies

"How do we consistently deliver value rich solutions to our clients?"

The answer is - "Best practices". We adopt and best practices and leverage them to deliver value to our clients. A few of our best practices are given below:

» CoDiploma (Collaborative Development Initiative of Products for Local Market)
» DSDM (Dynamic Systems Design Methodology)


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