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DSDM (Dynamic Systems Design Methodology)

DSDM has been developed over time, through capturing the experiences of a large consortium of organizations, ensuring DSDM is relevant across a variety of industries.

DSDM is about speed to benefit but not at the expense of quality. The flexibility of requirements to be satisfied has significant impact on the development processes and controls, and on acceptance of the system. Indeed, a fundamental assumption of DSDM is that nothing is built perfectly first time, but that a usable and useful 80% of the proposed system can be produced in 20% of the time it would take to produce the total system.

Using this project management development methodology we are able to reduce the time to market for a solution. This methodology entails close co-ordination with the customer to ensure that the system is designed to fit the specific business need.

The nine principles of DSDM are defined as follows :

1. Active user involvement is imperative

2. Focus on frequent delivery of products

3. Iterative and incremental development

4. Requirements baselined at a high level

5. Teams to be empowered

6. Fitness of business purpose

7. Changes made during development to be reversible

8. Integrated testing throughout the life-cycle

9. Collaborative and co-operative approach


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