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component (n): It is a self-contained, executable unit that communicates with other components via well-defined interfaces and can be combined into a larger system like a building block.

COMPlanet is a component based common product platform architecture developed and established by eComScience. It uses the n-tier approach to architecture.

The three-tier approach to software architecture is most commonly used. It is the Business Layer, where most of the software functionality resides, that connects the User Interface Layer with the Data Layer. The n-tier application architecture is an extension of the three-tier approach. It further divides the three-tiers into "n" number of tiers.

Components promote flexible rapid application development (RAD). They are more manageable than objects in class libraries because there are fewer interfaces to consider in order to successfully deploy them. Building applications need not entail a mammoth effort starting from scratch but combining a number of smaller components into larger systems. Components can have horizontal functionality (such as GUI management) or vertical functionality (such as HR management) but still plug together to develop complete solutions.

COMPlanet offers benefits that include:

» Greater quality and reliability of systems

» Reduced time to develop and test new systems

» Lower development costs


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