CoDIPLOMA (Collaborative Development Initiative of Products for Local Market)

CoDIPLOMA is a unique business model that provides maximum value to the end user. It involves a sustained business relationship with a selected organization from the market segment comprising the end users of the software product.

The following example explains this business model:

An end-user feels the need for a software application that would help them improve operational efficiency as well as reduce costs. They also know there is considerable market potential for selling this to similar companies who would benefit from such an application. Combining the end user's domain knowledge and business focus with eComScience's technical knowledge and experience, we work towards developing the optimal solution to meet the company's business needs.

We follow our usual framework for product development - product definition, requirement specification definition, architectural design, system level design, software development, module integration and testing. We also guarantee continuous improvements are effected into the application.

What makes our model so unique is that in return for the nominal development and maintenance costs, royalty would be shared on the revenues earned from further sales of the application.

This is just an illustration of how CoDIPLOMA works. The details are worked out as per the requirements of the situation.

The integral process of the CoDIPLOMA business model can be outlined as follows:

» Networking and Contact -Establishing contact with the partner. Sharing of common views, opinions and determination of future business potential.

» Business Model Generation -Formalizing the business relationship and providing shape to the vision and mission in terms of strategic, tactical and operational aspects.

» Product Line Practice Establishment -Involves the product line software architecting, design, development and standardization in terms of the contributions of either of the partners and the actual effort involved.

» Go to Market -Marketing of the software product line/solution and complementary services, user oriented selling and conceptualization of the value proposition.

» Kaizen -Continuous improvements are effected into the software solution.


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