When you bring us a challenge, we invite you to discuss with us. All subsequent interactions take place in accordance with our consulting methodology. This way we can help you focus on current and future needs and at the same time deliver maximum efficiency and ROI.

Advantages of our approach include:

» Critical issues are identified and tackled at the outset

» Consensus is encouraged and serious misunderstanding are avoided

» Work is executed in the most efficient manner

» User feedback is encouraged


ConQuEst (Consulting Quality Establishment Methodlogy)

Our consulting practice is based on ConQuEst - a structured client engagement methodology. ConQuEst is used to assess and address the business requirements of our clients.

The ConQuEst framework is outlined below:

1. Proposal

    Draft of proposed solution based on understanding of technical and business     requirements.

2. Project Planning

    » Identification of optimal team - identification of execution team and support team,        keeping in mind required skill-sets
    » Technical planning - all technical aspects of the project - project management        methodologies, software development processes, quality practices etc.
    » Activation of Knowledge Matrix - activation of knowledge gained from past        experiences
    » Quality Plan - establishment of process to monitor and improve the overall client         engagement and project co-ordination
    » Deliverable Matrices - list of deliverables and time-frames
    » Risk Assessment - assessment of perceived risks and formulation of steps to         be taken to counter them

3. Execution

    » Task execution - execution of primary tasks, e.g. software development,         implementation etc.
    » Knowledge sharing - communication with support team, resolution of issues by         referring to Knowledge Matrix, brain storming sessions for new issues
    » Accounting - upto date information on resource usage and related billing.
    » Reporting - comprehensive reports on project progress, tasks undertaken during         the week etc.

4. Update of Knowledge Matrix

    All issues dealt with during the course of the project are incorporated into the     Knowledge Matrix for future use


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