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Insure Connect
 - Quotation Software and Connectivity platform for multiple Carriers.
 - Insure Connect 1.0 released on 1st June 2006.

Insure Connect is a Property Insurance (P&C) Software that connects agents, insurers and Underwriters. This is a quotation system which includes features like requesting quotes from external websites or within Insure Connect, processing the received requests, generating quotes for various carriers, connect to carriers etc. The concept of storing the data received, and the processed data (Quote) in ACORD-XML format is one of main advantages of this system.


The features of Insure Connect includes:

  »  Connects Agents, Insurers and Underwriters & Service Providers
  »  Allows seamless transport of documents between parties
  »  Avoids Duplicate Data Entry
  »  Reduces Data Entry errors
  »  Limited number of documents supported currently
  »  Complies with Acord XML Specification Version 1.8.0
  »  Can connect to different Carrier Systems to send quotation requests.
  »  Receives data from external systems and transforms data using data        transformation rules to Acord-XML
  »  Built for Property and Casualty Insurance
  »  Technologies used - DOTNET Framework 1.1, SQL Server 2000


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